Jackie Range

Jackie Range

Executive Director

Jackie is thrilled to take over as BoMF Baltimore's very first Executive Director. Though she may get nostalgic every now and then for her days as former Program Director, and former Director of Communications, Jackie thoroughly enjoys the honor of being a part of such a positive, passionate selfless community of people, and loves every minute of getting to work to fulfill it's mission. Previously, Jackie spent two years as a high school teacher and coach as a Jesuit Volunteer on the island of Chuuk in the Federated States of Micronesia. Upon returning to the States, she followed her crazed obsession with running back to her alma mater, where she coached Cross Country and Track and Field.

"It is truly amazing to see the heights to which people can reach when inspired by confidence, a renewed belief in themselves, and a supportive community of devoted individuals.  Working with Back on My Feet has restored my faith in the good of the human soul."

Jackie graduated from Loyola University Maryland with a bachelor's degree in Psychology and from Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health with a master's degree in Public Health.

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Nikia Williams

Nikia Williams

Program Director

Nikia manages many efforts for the Baltimore chapter of Back on My Feet, her most fullfilling being the one that allows her to assist the residential members in deciding what the “next steps” in their lives will be and encouraging her teammates to do more than what is expected of them. Nikia’s background is in children’s education, specifically children with special needs. Since joining the BoMF team, she has run two marathons and has earned the title of our annual half marathon and relay to be named after her.

“I have never been a part of an organization that has been so life changing for others and myself included. I am one of the many support systems that our residential members depend on to help them become successful in life. I am committed to doing just that.”

Nikia graduated from Coppin State University with a degree in Applied Psychology.

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