About This Event

At Back on My Feet, we have a policy that nobody.....NOBODY runs alone.  We want YOU to join our 2016 Back on My Feet Baltimore Running Festival Team! If you are you going to run, why not be surrounded by an organization that just wants to see YOU reach your goals.    

There are 3 ways to join our team:


     If YES: Select the 'Just Gimme a T-Shirt' Option.  Includes all of the below benefits WITHOUT the cost of race registration built in.

     If NO: You have the option to:

          A. Pay for a package for the designated race of your choice.  Includes registration AND all benefits below.

          B. FundRace. Pay $1 and FundRace the rest.  Includes registration AND all benefits below.

What is the benefit of joining the Back on My Feet Baltimore Running Festival 2016 Team? We're glad you asked!

Where does the money go? All proceeds from your registration support men and women right here in Baltimore city who are using running as a means to build strength, confidence and self-esteem, ultimately taking steps towards a life of self-sufficiency.

What do YOU get out of it?

All Back on My Feet Baltimore Running Festival 2016 Teammates receive:

  • Our Back on My Feet Baltimore Running Festival 2016 Team T-shirt
  • 1 ticket into our pre-race Pasta Party hosted by the Baltimore Marriott Camden Yards at Inner Harbor (110 S. Eutaw St.) on Friday, October 14th
  • Complimentary race morning breakfast (bagels, bananas, bars, gatorade, water - breakfast of champions!)
  • Back on My Feet Exclusive Bag drop (skip bag check!)
  • Here's what the team has in store for our Full marathon training plan.

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Water Stop Volunteer

Every Year. Mile 22. MVP water stop for the race. If you would prefer NOT to run, get in on the action at the waterstop! Because of the time change, we'll need volunteers at 33rd and Frisbee at 6:30am.  Runners should be streaming through from around 8:50am - 1:15pm.

Everyone is welcome to come represent BoMF at mile 22 - kids, friends, dogs - spread the word - we'd love to have you!

REGISTER TODAY! Scroll down to the Water Stop that your group will be manning (Water Stop #14), and use the password  WS14 to get in.